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Endocannabinoid System

Endocannabinoid System Plant-Based Tincture



Membership ensures the best protection of your beliefs & practices

If you desire to be blessed by having access to Native American Ceremonies and Medicines without legal interference (such as Energy Healings, Holy Anointing, Laying on of Hands, Peyote, San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Cannabis, Medical or Dietary Choice in Treatment), you will want to consider joining Oklevueha NAC and connecting with our medicine people. ONAC Indigenous School of Temple Arts is a non-profit, non-denominational ecclesiastical private membership association. We reveal alternative practices to educate our members for managing health & wellbeing. 

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What's Inside

1. Educational Videos

Do your due diligence & know your options.
Learn what to say in an illegal search & seizure.
Learn to educate your municipalities on your status.

2. Legal Precedents

Read actual court documents of winning judgments.
Learn to protect yourself from the juducual process.
See examples of other members who paved the way.

3. Amazing Community

Find out where you can participate in your region.
Receive your blessing and sit with a local medicine person.
Participate in group chats to share your experiences. 

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  • Participate in a Local Blessing Ceremony
  • Participate in Private FB Group Forum
    • Practice Your Rituals and Ceremonies Freely
    • Peyote Purification vs Synthetic Pharmaceutucals
    • Thermography vs Mammography
    • CBD-only Hemp Oil vs Toxic Prescription Drugs
    • Dietary Treatments vs Chemotherapy or Radiation
    • Terminal Dehydration, and more...

Shamanic Conference Sedona AZ

Sacred Pipe Ceremony

Ceremony and Blessing from Flaming Eagle

Closing Circle Blessing

Shamanic Conference in Sedona AZ

Closing Circle Song

Closing ceremony in Sedona AZ

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ONAC of Indigenous School of Temple Arts (ISTA) is an education and advocacy branch of the Oklevueha Native American Church who strive to bring awareness and support to those who desire to conduct their practices in a good way.  We advocate all areas of practice including Energy Medicine, Holy Anointing, Laying on of Hands, Peyote, San Pedro, Ayahuasca, Cannabis and Psilocybin. We refer our members to medicine people in their preferred practices, and respect all ancient wisdoms without discrimination. Based on your membership status we find most medicine people willing to invite you in, but the decision rests solely with their spirit connection to you.  

Our private membership association is a good place for those who wish to conduct their local practice with the fullest protection for their sovereign rights and to have a resource if the law decides to poke their noses into your beliefs/business.  Besides the unique benefits of ONAC rights both Federally and State by State, the private membership gives added protection from interference as long as there is no evidence of clear danger or substantial evil.

We have been in the front lines of members who have faced zoning & permitting threats,  illegal search & seizure, illegal raids on our churches and incarceration for misappropriated charges. While there have been exhausting consequences for standing for our rights, major headway is in the making and we have been winning our way into a respected understanding by law enforcement and judicial acknowledgement in all the most recent cases.  Times are changing and this is an ideal time for you to become a member [participant] or branch church owner [leader in your community].  Contact us for details or (619) 354-9441. 


The information contained in this email and the supporting attachments provided by ONAC Indigenous School of Temple Arts are for educational purposes only. Although we have performed extensive research regarding legal principles, our trustees, officers and supporting staff, we are not licensed members of the State Bar Association. Information provided by members of ONAC Indigenous School of Temple Arts should not be considered a substitute for the advice of a licensed attorney in handling your legal affairs. We reserve the right to revoke membership if we deem your activities are not aligned with the Code of Ethics.  View terms & conditions and view our no refund policy.  

*Membership dues cover technology and administration costs and are not meant to be associated with ceremonies. Reduced member rates are only available for a limited time.


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